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American HEC works for the scrutiny and affirmation of the quality of regional, national career-related, and programmatic accrediting organizations. American HEC is a state recognized higher education organization in the United States that undertakes this scrutiny.

With a mission to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in education, American HEC has become synonymous to the higher education standards of excellence, ensuring standardization of education quality throughout the world for decades.

A national advocate for promoting academic quality through accreditation

Focused exclusively on higher education accreditation and quality assurance

Recognizes institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations

American HEC Recognition Standards

Promotes academic quality and encourages student achievement. Advancement of academic quality is at the core of accreditation.

Provides evidence that they administer and enforce standards, policies or procedures, meets the expectations for academic quality and results associated with institutional or program performance.

Exhibits public accountability for performance and transparency, including expectations related to the performance of accrediting organizations, accredited institutions or programs and performance of accrediting organizations engaged in international activity.

Sustains an operational accreditation structure and organization. A recognized accrediting organization provides evidence that it enforces standards and practices, and sustains organizational characteristics consistent with American HEC requirements.

Our Purpose and Service to the members and community

We work to identify, address and articulate the emerging issues in accreditation and quality assurance, through extensive exploration and research on the matters, gathering the opinions of students, employers and educators to form a mutually accepted criteria of quality education.

Address issues of joint interest and concern in accreditation through conferences, meetings and Webinars.

Provide trusted source of data and information about accreditation and quality assurance.

Work upon Projects and initiatives to build up accreditation and its part in aiding the public interest.

Form global Databases and directories of accredited institutions and programs and quality assurance bodies.

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