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It is indeed understandable that making the decision to withdraw or cancel from your program is not easy, and we want to give you the support and advice you might need to help you make the decision. We also can guide you and resolve in issues that you may have with your education provider, before you think that withdrawal is the only option.

It is very important that you seek support and advice early from the American Higher Education Commission. There may be alternatives that can be put in place to help you carry on with your program and there may be financial issues that you need to be aware of and plan for. If in case you still would opt for a withdrawal, please note that as per the registrations in the governmental system of the united states you would have to apply for an NOC for Cancellation from the government of United States through the American Higher Education Commission. Prior to completing this process, please ensure you refer to the appropriate cancellation charges information as referred to in the registration form which addresses our Academic Regulation. As defined in the application form there shall be cancellation charges which varies from course to course, as well as depends on which steps you decided to withdraw from the process, as in case these measures are not abided which might be considered as a government policy violation, the American Higher Education Commission reserves the right to report such individuals to their relevant authorities since the government of the United States issued these students with huge amounts of scholarships that were misused therefore the cancellations process is to mark the application withdrawer’s clearance and to re-allot the scholarship funds to other deserving candidates. To initiate the withdrawal process, the student must submit a Withdrawal Form, contrarily the cost of cancellation process may vary and depend on the program, scholarship status and approval, majors and other factors which differs for a student who has acquired educational scholarship to a regular student. Therefore all candidates are required to coordinate with the American Higher Education Commission for more information.

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