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Foreign nationals are required to obtain a student permit for engaging in academic, vocational or other education or training that is more than 6 months in duration the United States. It is mandatory for all to obtain a student permit in order to validate their educational status and accordingly getting it marked in the US academic database in order to observe smooth and hassle-free clearance processes post-graduation, as it is illegal to study an international educational program without acquiring official rights and privileges by following the governmental registration process in order to acquire a student permit for the validation of the program. Contrarily the government provides, therefore, immense support and benefits to foreign students, may it be financial aid to credit equivalence and other bright opportunities for the welfare of registered international students.

NOC Travel/Non-Travel:

International students must declare at the time of their admission, in case they want to participate in any credit transfer, student exchange, or other programs that require them to travel to the United States in order to complete their academic program. Since many distance learning programs that are being offered in the modern times are having a minimum of 3 months travelling requirement which differs from program to program, however it shall be opted and declared by the students initially whether he/she would like to travel to the United States or would like to completely study on non-traditional format.

In both scenarios externally, a NOC is required for international students in order to register their applications in the governmental system. In case a student wants to travel to USA in order to complete a semester in a state university or so, a NOC for Travelling will be required. Similarly if a student does not wish to travel due to any genuine reason, in order to officially earn an exemption for the travelling requirements, NOC for non-travelling will be applied for through the American Higher Education Commission who takes complete responsibility for the verification and standardization of the educational program as well as being the official governmental correspondent. It is to be noted that these governmental requirements may vary depending on different cases involving different nationalities, international law or on the basis of any amendments by the government of the United States which will be managed by the American Higher Education Commission which acts as the governing body responsible for maintaining the international standards.

Note: According to the educational policy whenever a student enrolls for any educational program with an American university, the student is required to fill the American Higher Education Commission’s registration form in order for them to register the student officially in the United State’s international student database. Where it is determined by the jury members of the commission through an initial screening process in accordance with the government of United States, what processes legally would be required from the students end, as it varies from nationality to the educational program that a student opted for.

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