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A Myriad of Grants & Scholarships

Most students are looking for ways to supplement their education fund. It’s almost impossible to pay for a college education without some form of financial aid. Loans, both federal and private, help thousands of students every year finance their education, but that money needs to be repaid – and with interest. Avoid student loans or keep them at a minimum when financing your college education by taking advantage of scholarship/grant opportunities.

Before considering any form of education loan, students need to investigate possible grants for which they may be qualified. Grant money for college never has to be repaid, and there are a wide array of grant programs designed to benefit every kind of student, and every course of study. Thousands of organizations, both public and private, have grant money to award to students who are struggling to cover the costs of their college tuition.

Grant Eligibility Criteria for Students

In order to qualify grant programs, the applicant or student must match the criteria set by the American HEC. Furthermore, grants program 2020 offered by American HEC is to help students achieve their educational goals. Besides, these grants are provided to students on yearly basis which helps them to attend college without worrying about financial constraints.

  • Aspirant must be enrolled in an accredited institute
  • Aspirant has applied to the correct scholarship category
  • Meets the criteria of the chosen scholarship category

Types of Available Grants

At American HEC, there are numerous grant opportunities for students in America and abroad. Since the formation of American Higher Education Commission, we have initiated numerous grant programs for students all over America. Thousands of students have benefited from our grant programs which has helped them to get the education they desired and full their dreams. In addition to, grants are also awarded to students based on the criteria set by American Higher Education Commission. Most scholarship programs are offered to institutes that fall into a certain educational standard criteria. It is essential to be enrolled at an accredited college or university, in order to be eligible for these grants. American HEC not only works to ensure students get the highest quality of education but also aims to provide you a platform to find the right scholarship program.

Need Based Grants

Available to: Incoming Freshmen
Award Amount: 100% of Tuition

The American HEC Need Based Scholarship was created to assist the high-achieving students with unfavorable circumstances to support their research, allowing them to realize their potential and embark on their research degree program. The scholarship assists the financially disadvantaged students and is a merit-cum need-based scholarship, where students are considered based on their circumstances as well as their previous academic records, and funds are granted accordingly.

Wharton Technical Grants

Available to: Incoming Freshmen
Award Amount: 100% of Tuition

Limited funds to students enrolled in a technical degree program are available. Grants are awarded to the worthy students based on a number of criteria including financial needs, performance based and technical domains. Wharton technical grants are offered to qualified students enrolled in one of the American HEC recognized technical program, for tuition assistance to afford enrollment into any accredited degree program.

Performance Based Grants

Available to: Incoming Freshmen
Award Amount: 100% of Tuition

Academic scholarships all come with their own requirements regarding academic performance and extracurricular involvement. Performance based scholarships require community service involvement, or demonstrated leadership/leadership potential. American HEC has more than $40 million in merit-based scholarship funds available to prospective and continuing students. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, student needs to be enrolled in an American HEC accredited institute.

Military Grants

Available to: Incoming Freshmen
Award Amount: 100% of Tuition

As a tribute to their unmatchable service, military grants that do not need to be repaid, are offered to the military personnel. Grants are awarded based on your financial needs and eligibility criteria is determined by the authorities. Each year, up to $5,000 each is awarded to active duty military personnel, honorably discharged veterans, reserves, spouses, and children or grandchildren who demonstrate financial need for tuition assistance to afford enrollment into any accredited degree program.

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