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To advance education for the benefit of the community and serve as the primary model for shaping, and ensuring the quality of higher education throughout the world, to become renowned leaders in the creation of the sustainable educational environment.


To foster engagement, elevate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. To assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions.

Importance of Strategic Planning in
Higher Education

05 November 2020

Strategic planning is a systematic process for designing the future of higher education institutions. The planning process usually focuses on enhancing the quality of teaching, increasing research and scholarly outputs, and fostering community partnerships in educational institutes. Leaders and faculty members must perceive that strategic planning helps in designing the future of their institute and the plan would benefit the institution in sustaining its identity, image, and reputation and lead in a better and more visible direction.

Principles and values create institutes that contribute to society and implementing a strategic plan in a higher education institution is a matter of conviction and absolute commitment. Only by assuming this, a university can achieve greater goals through strategic planning. An institute that is accredited and offers good academic program is the preference of any potential student considering to choose an institute.

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Post-Corona Scholarships to Encourage Students to Continue Their Education

30th October 2020

Seeing the current decline in the COVID 19, where the government has started permitting education providers to resume operations while following the standard SOPs. The government decided to increase the international students by providing great opportunities for financial aid and scholarship to encourage students to continue their education with maximum benefits. A record-breaking response has been received in the past couple of weeks

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US Government Taking Action against Violation of the Educational Funds

14th October 2020

California Central Department and diplomatic missions issues final notice for the misuse of scholarship funds issued internationally, the government of United States revised its educational policy last month seeing the current pandemic disaster globally, keeping its educational base strong the American government did not hesitate in granting the funds for a scholarship to deserving international candidates

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Submission of Defaulter’s List for Educational Validation

5th August 2020

U.S. Department of Treasury submits the list of eluders from new educational policy, On Tuesday 4th August 2020 the U.S. Department of treasury finally submits the official list of the defaulters who have refrained to complete governmental policies for educational validation, keeping in mind that their education was related to medical majors.

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Government is Signing Policies to Increase Privileges for Foreign Graduates

10 January 2020

After experiencing an exceptional response last year about foreign students, the government of the United States decided to increase the level of benefits and privileges for all foreign graduates. Contrarily it was further advised that the Department of Immigration of the United States is considering further leniency to make international education more accessible. The government has also signed memorandums of understanding with fellow Middle Eastern countries as they have been consuming the majority of scholarship seats last year.

Reshaping the Foundation for Institutional Success

21 October 2019

American HEC chairman announced the launching of a platform to facilitate universities into meeting the quality and standards criteria, assisting them in becoming globally recognized. The platform aims to create a collaborative and interactive environment for institutes to discuss their academic issues and facilitate them in overcoming the concerns,

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Reasons for picking an accredited educational institute for a safe future

04 October 2019

Importance of an accredited institute cannot be overemphasized. Imagine if the degree, certificate or a diploma you have earned after hard work...

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