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Importance of Strategic Planning in Higher Education

Strategic planning is a systematic process for designing the future of higher education institutions. The planning process usually focuses on enhancing the quality of teaching, increasing research and scholarly outputs, and fostering community partnerships in educational institutes. Leaders and faculty members must perceive that strategic planning helps in designing the future of their institute and the plan would benefit the institution in sustaining its identity, image, and reputation and lead in a better and more visible direction.

Principles and values create institutes that contribute to society and implementing a strategic plan in a higher education institution is a matter of conviction and absolute commitment. Only by assuming this, a university can achieve greater goals through strategic planning. An institute that is accredited and offers good academic program is the preference of any potential student considering to choose an institute. In this context, strategic planning is an essential and very useful tool that facilitates the collection of data, process measurement and other aspects that a higher education accreditation process demands.

Higher educational institutes face a significant number of challenges in achieving strategic goals but if a properly implemented, institutes can achieve their goals. Strategic planning methods can help, guide and empower senior management in aligning their everyday activities to the institution’s broad aims. Strategic planning can also encourage decision-making and lay the foundation for performance measurement, which allows leaders to monitor progress, detect deviations from the plan and correct them and make resource allocation decisions in accordance with clearly defined goals.

An organized plan must be adopted permanently b the academic institutes because strategic planning in higher education is not a one-time process, it is a recurring process and involves a number of relevant steps. Academic institutions need to keep their staff in loop while planning so that they develop a sense of ownership and stay motivated.

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