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Quality Assurance Education Summit

American HEC will be hosting a discussion to address educational quality and quality assurance assessments. The summit will take on with an instructive tour of the conditions of registration within the student’s framework; to assess how the accreditation process places providers in a strong position to meet evolving quality assurance requirements.

Exploring the changing landscape, and recent developments, of quality assurance in international education, the changing priorities of quality assurance took a tour through the conditions of registration within the framework to demonstrate how the American HEC standards of accreditation puts providers in a strong position to meet evolving quality assurance requirements throughout the world. The summit will cover American HEC standards and areas of operation internationally, and concluded with exploring conditions that apply to address the changing quality assurance priorities, summarizing how American HEC accreditation helps our institutions to meet current and future QA requirements in education.

Quality Assurance in higher education is gaining significant momentum and the development of higher education centers on the establishment of quality assurance systems at all levels. What seems to be lacking is the provision of greater autonomy to universities while making them accountable to society, developing effective internal quality assurance mechanisms at an institutional level can help them realize the importance of accreditation and recognition.

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