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Reasons for picking an accredited educational institute for a safe future

Importance of an accredited institute cannot be overemphasized. Imagine if the degree, certificate or a diploma you have earned after hard work and struggle of months and years and later you found out that the degree you have earned is from an unaccredited or a fraud institute. Parents and students must ensure they don’t fall prey to institutions that are either not registered or accredited, or whose qualifications are not recognized.

American HEC issue quality assurance guidelines on what the institution is expected to deliver and what a program should consist of. Institutes must assure the quality of their programs offered through periodic evaluations and institutional reviews.

American HEC has issued a list of the licensed higher educational institutions in the United States, warning students not to enroll in the non-accredited institutions in order to guarantee their interest and safety of the programs that they study.

Many prospective candidates are still unaware of the significance of accreditation and still fall for non-accredited institutes just to save a few dollars. Accreditation holds great importance in credit transfers, employability acceptance, and financial aid. It proves that the degree, certificate or diploma you have earned is from an institute that is highly preferable by the employer and has a number of qualified and competent faculty members. It also justifies that the program you have enrolled for is up to the standard set by the local and international accreditation bodies. It facilitates credit transfer from one institute to another. Highly preferable by employers due to its credibility and it also assists employers to evaluate your tuition reimbursement program. It facilitates candidates to opt for any certification program during their employment. Being a student or graduate of an accredited institute you can easily apply for loans and grants.

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