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As per the foreign educational policy of the United States of America and its promise and commitment towards all diplomatic authorities present in Washington, DC. It has always been US government’s first priority to collaborate with every country of the world in need, when it comes to fighting with corruption. As we know that educational policies and laws of all countries differ from each other, so are certain educational files that may vary from each other on different grounds such as courses, subjects, nationality, program, methodologies or processes. In terms of educational validation it is indeed mandatory for any international candidate to earn clearance from both the governments involved, such as American and his country of residence.

As stated above depending on a certain file belonging to an international candidate at times the government requires a NO DEMAND & NO INQUIRY CERTIFICATE to mark clearance in the US governmental data base for a student’s educational file. This shall also be needed against an inquiry raised by either of the two governments against a student for any reason, where in order to earn a clearance a student would have to acquire a NO DEMAND & NO INQUIRY CERTIFICATE through the American Higher Education Commission in order to settle the inquiry.

These certificates also have their significance in terms of any futuristic issues or inquiries against any educational file. Since once these certificates are issued to a student, any government thereafter shall not initiate any inquiries against that educational file whatsoever. As these documents are provided after a thorough verification process where documents are circulated through all governmental departments of the USA that may be involved from monetary agencies to education providers, after which the audit committee of the American Higher Education Commission under the California central department reviews the end product before a notification is sent to the State Department of United States to release the certificates.

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