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Please refer to the below mentioned recommended universities which have been maintaining international standards since decades and providing quality education, approved in 189 countries including HAGUE Apostille member countries. As per this document you would be able to apply for credit transfer to a university after completing your program or further a credit equivalence or dual degree program maybe added upon preference. Furthermore, your research work, thesis and practical credit hours maybe defended through a campus based experience through the cooperation with the below mentioned universities.

  • As per the standard process initially the student would have to complete 30 credits through studying your community credits non-traditionally.
  • This is a usual process and it is practiced to enhance any competency may it be through the student’s language proficiency, subject specific or basic knowledge to get strong grip towards the course to earn eligibility.
  • ILETS or language proficiency course credits are included that are supposed to be studied along with the course to earn maximum score.
  • The program is self-paced and can be studied accordingly. However regularly it takes about 4 to 6 months for a student to complete 30 credits
  • At first, the student is directed to complete his/her community credits which marks eligibility towards thesis and research where the panel judges the student’s level of qualification as per the requirement.
  • Students are required to complete 3 short courses during their tenure where the length of the stay in the USA will depend on his/her preference (The student has the option to study and transit either semester wise or for certain courses).

For regional legal requirements related to the validation of your program, credit transfer shall be placed under the umbrella of the American HEC through one of the recommended universities in order to defend thesis and practical credit hours. It is to be noted that in case a student is studying the initial community credit hours through distance learning from a university registered in a specific state, it is obvious that the practical credit hours/ thesis can be defended at the main campus in the same state traditionally. In case you would like to defend in a university of a different state, it is necessary to be brought to our knowledge as soon as the commuinity credit hours are completed so that it can be applied for accordingly.

The American Higher Education Commission, responsible for conducting standardization and accreditation practices in the USA takes full responsibility to compile by the laws and standard of all countries regarding the validation process for International students

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