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As of the year 2021, all international candidates who have acquired admission in American universities through the US financial aid program are required to get their profiles, educational credentials register with the American Higher Educations Commission’s regional or international students database. This is help all students to get their educational files validated and verified between their country and American government, contrarily since if they have acquired scholarships from the US government which through this process of registration shall be listed in the system accordingly whilst it may be verified by any institution as complete record would be present in the AHEC system linked with the US government portal which also plays a vital role if a candidate wishes to travel to the USA or apply for an equivalence, any further authentication or credit transfer under the American Higher Education Commissions accredited education providers. Following to the recent changes in the international education policy all batches of students are being registered for their transit to the US in order to complete their education on traditional grounds, Mr. Joe Biden being the current president of the United States of America has announced recently that he wishes to provide free of cost education to all who are earning less than $125,000 per annum, where he also added that exhilarating options are to be provided for international candidates as well which shall include easy travelling and boarding opportunities, increased number of international student seats and higher rate of scholarship for deserving candidates.

The new government emphasizes on tackling the corona virus (COVID -19) at its earliest in order to resume traditional education as soon as possible, however the government has encouraged all to resume their education remotely. The American Higher Education Commission thus has developed its unique registration system to provide a completely verified report towards the governmental database which will not only help in book keeping, but also provide complete verification and support to the students parent country. Therefore it is mandatory for all candidates, post their admissions to register themselves with the American Higher Education Commission in order to claim their scholarships validated through the US government.

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